04.26.19New album "Midnite Cinema" out April 26th 2019!

The free-spirited sounds & remarkably progressive structures that shine throughout Brooklyn-based artist Ayumi Ishito’s music are a stunning reflection of her life-long love for the true magic of Jazz. From the first moment that Ayumi began to lead and compose music with an extraordinarily gifted & talented surrounding group of musicians that would become her official band in 2011, every step they’ve taken together since has been a solid step forward in the name of their art, craft, and creativity. Through their collaborative efforts and complementary styles, they’d go on to refine their colorfully expressive sound into a gorgeous set of imaginative & sonically-adventurous music & melodies to form Ayumi Ishito’s debut album, View From A Little Cave, in 2016, and together, they broke through to the next-level.

Inspired by the love & support from fans all over the globe discovering their wildly imaginative style of Jazz and connecting with the beautifully artistic & avant-garde ideas composed by Ayumi and played so passionately from her tenor saxophone – Ishito & her band immediately went back to jamming, writing, improvising, experimenting, and soon enough, recording a whole new set of entirely organic material. Embracing the true nature of Jazz and going where the music would take her, Ayumi drew inspiration from listening to Progressive/Indie Rock & Free Jazz artists/bands, and through other mediums, like watching late-night Horror/Sci-Fi movies, which played a more pivotal role in her creativity, becoming the source for the name of her brand-new album being released on April 26th, 2019 – Midnite Cinema.

12.16.16New album "View From A Little Cave" out December 16th!

Ayumi Ishito’s debut album was recorded with her longstanding quintet, which was formed in 2011. Unlike traditional jazz saxophone quintets, however, Ishito’s outfit focuses on musical stylings more akin to indie, progressive, and avant garde music. Her compositions concentrate on rhythmic shifts and ensemble texture rather than featured solos, differentiating her sound from other jazz efforts in the indie music scene.

Ayumi Ishito :: tenor and soprano saxophones
Matthew Albeck :: electric guitar
Takafumi Suenaga :: acoustic and electric pianos, organ, synthesizer
Yoshiki Yamada :: electric bass
Carter Bales :: drums

Download available at Bandcamp: ayumiishito.bandcamp.com

11.19.16"Still Shallow" Ayumi Ishito Group

From new album "View From A Little Cave"

11.19.16"View From A Little Cave" Ayumi Ishito Group

From new album "View From A Little Cave"

10.30.16"Lack of Elegance" Ayumi Ishito Group

From new album "View From A Little Cave"

07.06.13"Empty Core" by Ayumi Ishito Group

Live at Tomi Jazz 06/07/13